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Pulp Machine Services

Sourcing Equipment

Vantek's expertise covers all aspects of each transaction from sourcing pulp and paper mill equipment specifically suited to our customers' requirements, to facilitating the purchasing, packing and shipping overseas, installation, start-up and operational support. We are able to rebuild used equipment and provide guarantees on the rebuild. We also coordinate and facilitate project planning and engineering. Understanding client needs, in-depth knowledge of paper machines and related components, combined with the highest standards of integrity, multi-lingual ability (we have Mandarin, Hindi, Gujarati, French, and other language speakers on board), professionalism and cultural sensitivity assure VanTek's clients of overall project success. Our company is currently working with several Pulp & Paper companies to sell their idled paper machines as well as complete pulp and paper mills from various locations in Canada, USA, and Europe.

Through the development of a network of strong affiliates, sub-contractors, and strategic partnerships, Vantek is able to offer our clients a diverse range of specialized services. This allows us and our clients the flexibility to take on projects that can be structured and executed in a manner that is most convenient for our clients. Whether it's professional dismantling, rebuilding your newly acquired used paper machines, using our services to sell your used paper machines, or looking into our export shipping services, we have the experience and drive to be the best in our industry.

Professional Dismantling

Through our highly professional and experienced affiliates, Vantek can arrange to have any type of industrial, pulp & paper equipment dismantled and packed for export shipping in the most efficient and cost effective manner. All the work is conducted by licensed contractors and in full compliance with Federal, State and County laws & codes, as well as the millsite rules & regulations. Our affiliates specialize in the dismantling, export packing and relocation of pulp machinery and paper equipment as well as process systems. In addition, if required, they can also re-install the equipment at your millsite, and provide structural erection, process piping, instrument controls, start up and commissioning of entire plants.

Export Shipping

Over the past ten years, Vantek has built strong relationships with ocean shipping companies, freight and customs brokers, and other logistics providers. We are in a position to offer you complete logistics services including provision of export containers, loading the containers at the millsite, trucking and delivery to the terminal, handling and shipping of large break bulk pieces, detailed surveyor's reports, door to door marine/transportation, insurance coverage, interim storage at terminal facilities, and delivery to ultimate millsite. Our providers will prepare the appropriate packing lists, container load plans, Bills of Lading, and all other export documentation and formalities. This adds considerable value for clients who purchase a used paper machine, pulp machine or other equipment through Vantek, Inc, as our providers are hands-on shipping professionals who personally stay on the project from start to finish with daily supervision resulting in minimum worry for our clients.

Selling your Idled Pulp & Paper Equipment

Through trial and error and many years of combined experience, the Vantek team has discovered the quickest, most cost efficient ways to market and sell idled pulp and paper equipment. We have an established client base that is world-wide, and with whom we are constantly in touch, as we monitor their equipment needs, we are constantly seeking and sourcing idled equipment and matching our clients' needs with what is available for sale.

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